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NYTimes article

New York Times : Feb 12 2014

Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value of Mammograms

25 years and 90,000 women later shows no benefit of mammograms versus breast exams.


ChicagoTimes article

"Too much mammography" concludes Britsh Medical Journal.


"Breast Health Exposed"

radio interview with Carol Conti Breast Cancer Survivor,who spent 30 years as a Mammographer is now aThermographer interviewed on "Mammography VS Thermography". Carol was appointed to the Arizona Medical Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners to oversee the licensing of all Radiologic Technologists; especially Mammographers. She now runs Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging.


The Best Breast Test:The Promise of Thermography

Dr Christiane Northrup, MD OB/GYN


Dr John Gofman, MD, PHD: Do mammograms cause cancer?

75% of breast cancers are caused by radiation

Who is Dr John Gofman?


LA Times article

Breast Cancer among young women doubled from 1976 to 2009


LA Times article

What Doctors must tell you, by law, if you have Dense Breasts?


NYTimes article

Dangers of mammograms were known by FDA scientists who were spied on and some fired for making their research public.


Dr. Mercola

Exposing mammograms and the benefits of Thermography


Dr. Mercola

His own employees story, "How I beat Breast Cancer"


Harvard School of Public Health

Mammogram Overdiagnosis


Dr Mercola

Scientific fraud 300% higher in drug-related literature. Are doctors recommendations based on reliable scientific research?


Dr Mercola

Breast Cancer Breakthrough that's making Experts angry.