The End of Mammograms?

The Swiss Medical Board's recommendation

A new seminar all women should attend

Teaching Women:

  • Why mammograms are inaccurate for 40% of women 75% of the time, (Mayo Clinic)
  • What new legislation means that 40% of women must seek alternatives to mammograms
  • That 75-80% of biopsies are benign
  • Why 40% of women avoid annual mammograms
  • Why 40-60% of Breast procedures are unnecessary
  • What Doctor's don't tell you about Breast Health
  • What to do about Lumps and Cysts
  • What to do if you have a family history or suspect Breast issues
  • Alternatives, Ultrasound, MRI, Thermography
  • How to keep your Breasts Healthy

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The treatment I received from Lisa Kalison stands in sharp contrast to treatment received at mammography and imaging centers. She educates and supports her clients to a degree I've never experienced from any healthcare provider. She takes her time, listens to you, and respects your dignity. The technique used -- thermography -- is noninvasive yet provides critical insights into your body's functioning, serving as a foundation for future improvement. This is cutting-edge technology! I will definitely integrate it into my annual wellness care -- with Lisa, of course, conducting the thermal imaging scans.

Gerardeen M. Santiago, PhD

Discovery Screening : Saving your Breast Friends!