Customer Reviews | Thermography / Medical Thermal Imaging

Thank you so much for your informative and calming presence yesterday. The anxiety I felt was completely diffused by your wonderful energy.

Ann Heizer

The treatment I received from Lisa Kalison stands in sharp contrast to treatment received at mammography and imaging centers. She educates and supports her clients to a degree I've never experienced from any healthcare provider. She takes her time, listens to you, and respects your dignity.

The technique used -- thermography -- is noninvasive yet provides critical insights into your body's functioning, serving as a foundation for future improvement. This is cutting-edge technology!

I will definitely integrate it into my annual wellness care -- with Lisa, of course, conducting the thermal imaging scans.

Gerardeen M. Santiago, PhD

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the great service you offer. It has given me such piece of mind. It was great to have the opportunity to make the changes necessary before they became an issue. I have given your information to several people who are also interested. Thank you again!

Jan Tenney

Lisa, thank you very much for your time last evening. I appreciated your thoroughness. You have been a great resource and I feel very relieved to have you and your services in my wellness corner.


I use this process instead of mammograms they have too much radiation and don't tell you if you have cancer until it's too late....check her out she is an old friend.


This incredible screening is something I wanted to pass on to you all as women. Lisa Kalison is such a caring professional and she explains exactly how the process works. It is not as expensive as a mammogram. If anyone is due for a breast exam, please give Lisa a call and let her know I referred you.


I was 46 years old, and went to see Lisa for a thermal imaging on my breasts. It detected a vascular pattern developing in my right breast, a pattern that is only seen when a woman is at risk for inflammatory breast cancer (that's really bad). However, because thermal imaging detects things so much earlier than mammograms, there was no lump. So, me being who I am, I attacked the problem naturally. I immediately changed my diet to organic, and went to a natural healer for homeopathics and supplements. At my three month follow-up with Lisa, the vascular pattern in my breast had reversed itself, and there was no longer any danger. Thank you Lisa for your lifesaving work!

Kris Johnson

Lisa Kalison, Thermography, For Breast HEALTH screenings. I will never ever have another mammogram, thank GOD. The most up to date camera and the most heartfelt and professional atmosphere. She cares.

Nanci Hartland

I want to thank you immensely for recommending Dr. ___. I was hasty in my assumptions about her based on her not having an MD. I didn't realize she accesses MD's in various ways. I am no longer going to Dr.____ for a variety of reasons - probably many of the same concerns you expressed. Thanks for persisting in your recommendation! I love Dr. ____ and feel I am on the right track to perfect health. It's just going to take a whole lot longer than I hoped, but I keep getting told to be patient... so I guess that's what I will be. Thanks again for all you have done for me.

Barbara Walkington