"The Solution" Weekend Training

Teaching you to take back control of your own health.

Discovery Screening, in partnership with Total Health Mastery

Courses and Consultation on the newest scientifically researched and proven data in a system of health education training in a step-by-step fashion that anyone can follow unlike any other in the world today.

"The Solution" Weekend Training

  • This course shares the most advanced, proven, researched, scientific information on Natural Health - so you can realize your health goals
  • Learn about the newest breakthroughs in Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease
  • Learn why your health is the way it is - and how to change it
  • Learn how to quiet the mind to improve your health
  • Makes any health result possible again - Makes anything in life possible again
  • Will change your life forever, no matter how much you already know about health

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The treatment I received from Lisa Kalison stands in sharp contrast to treatment received at mammography and imaging centers. She educates and supports her clients to a degree I've never experienced from any healthcare provider. She takes her time, listens to you, and respects your dignity. The technique used -- thermography -- is noninvasive yet provides critical insights into your body's functioning, serving as a foundation for future improvement. This is cutting-edge technology! I will definitely integrate it into my annual wellness care -- with Lisa, of course, conducting the thermal imaging scans.

Gerardeen M. Santiago, PhD

Discovery Screening : Saving your Breast Friends!